BRAC, a Bangladesh-based Non-Governmental Organization, recently announced that it has chosen Upstra Communications and Google Cloud Services to steer its digital expansion and to grow BRAC’s seamless global operation and service activities.

Under the agreement, BRAC will transform and modernize its IT infrastructure onto Google Cloud. BRAC will leverage Google Cloud’s resilient and sustainable infrastructure and its leadership in data analytics and advanced productivity and collaboration tools to embrace the potential of the cloud in its growth chart.

BRAC, said, “We look forward to our partnership with Upstra for Google Cloud services to support our continued expansion and productivity. We firmly believe that with the help of Google Cloud we will be able to achieve new heights in information technology and technological undertakings.”

Supporting BRAC in its migration to Google Cloud, Upstra Communications, said, “We are delighted to support BRAC in its digitalization journey and help the NGO embrace cloud technology and enhance its services with Google Cloud.”

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