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If you are a fan of radio then I strongly believe you have big interest also on history of radio. Now I am going show you a timeline of Radio-History. In the early 1890’s Marconi began working on the idea of “wireless telegraphy”, the transmission of telegraph messages without connecting wires as used by the electric telegraph.

In 1896, His first radio transmissions were coded signals that were transmitted only about a mile far. For more experiment he moved to England and took out a patent. In 1898 he has flashed the results of the Kingstown Regatta to the offices of a Dublin newspaper.

However, four years before of this memorable incident, Marconi has started experimenting with the wireless telegraph. After that Nikola Tesla invented the theoretical model for radio. Tesla tried unsuccessful to obtain a court injunction against Marconi in 1915.

So far we know, Indian scientist J.C. Bose (Jagdish Chandra Bose) demonstrated the radio transmission in 1896 in Calcutta in front of the British Governor General. The transmission was over a distance of three miles from the Presidency College and Science College in Calcutta. Mr. Bose finally solved the problem of the Hertz not being able to penetrate walls, mountains or water.

Scientist Marconi was presenting in the meeting of the Royal Society and nowadays it is thought that he stole the notebook of Jagdish Chandra Bose, that included the drawing of the ‘Mercuri Coherer with a telephone detector’. But Bengali scientist Mr. Bose did not apply for a patent on his design because he believed in the free flow of inventions in science.

So in recent years there are huge debate, argument who is the real father of radio-invention! If we want to give a conclusion of this history we can say that, Jagdish Chandra Bose has the idea and Marconi implemented this idea. Actually radio has a big history. It has already passed 125 years. The technology has been upgraded hugely in recent era. There are millions internet-based and FM, AM radio in the world. If you want to get some important radio of Asia (Bangladesh) you can have a look here. Even radio went to mobile! It’s already more than 15 years! If you would like to listen to radio from your mobile phone you can download this app for free. Community radio is also new kind of radio. If you have interest about this type of radio, then we recommend you to have a look ‘All about community radio‘ article.

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