Radio and Communication

If someone ask you, ‘Do you know what is Radio? What is your answer?’ Yes, I know. It is a way to send electromagnetic signals over a long distance. It has been used extensively as an educational medium in developing countries. `What is the main purpose of radio?’

The main purpose of radio is to convey information from one place to another. Now a days, it’s a common thing. There is a good relation between Radio and communication. But deeply thing it. The process through the intervening media without wires. A machine that sends radio signals is called a transmitter.

As it is, receiver is that, a machine that picks up the signals. Radio signals can be used to lock and unlock the doors in a car from a distance. By the way, the potential of radio to motivate listeners to modify behavior, undertake activities & take action is evident in the literature reviewed thus far. Radio is used for the transmission of data in coded form.

The word radio is sometimes used to mean only voice band broadcasting. Long-range radio signals communicate with space or use to navigation of ships. Other hand, many telephone calls routinely are relayed by radio. In the form of radar it is used also for sending out signals and picking up their reflections from objects in their path.

Digital radio means both satellite and terrestrial, provides improved audio clarity and volume. It’s the relation of Radio and communication.

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