Seven Community Radio Stations operated in coastal region of Bangladesh are now continuously broadcasting to address the Cyclone Strom MORA. Already the stations broadcast 25 hours program to address the upcoming cyclone Strom MORA in line with Standing Orders on Disaster (SOD) of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Information is being provided to the community regarding preparedness for saving their lives, and assets by 30 Community Broadcasters and volunteers around the radio station.

The stations are maintaining full time liaison with the disaster monitoring cells at district and upazila levels. They are also keeping contact with Red Crescent members, Scouts and disaster volunteers at local levels. Besides, the members of Radio Listener Clubs are doing awareness raising campaign regarding preparedness within their community, neighbors and relatives.

Considering the importance of the situation the community radio stations situated in coastal zone namely Community Radio Naf 99.2 (Tekhnaf, Cox’s Bazar), Community Radio Sagargiri 99.2

​(​Sitakunda, Chittagong), Community Radio Sagor Dwip 99.2 ( Hatia, Noakhali ), Community Radio Meghna 99.00 (Charfasion, Bhola Island), Community Rural Radio: Krishi Radio 98.2(Amtali, Barguna), Community Radio Lokobetar 99.2 (Barguna Sadar), and Community Radio Nalta 99.2 (Kaliganj, Satkhira) are now in operation on a 24 hours basis.

They are broadcasting special bulletin, PSA, docudrama, magazine program repeatedly and draw attention of all to prepare for facing cyclone Strom MORA’, so that community will be able to take initiative in advance and thus the damage can be reduced. These stations have their preparation to keep their stations on-air for 24 hours. Generator and fuels are reserved for alternative power supply, if there in any disruption in notational power supply grid and hamper the broadcasting.

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is maintaining full-time contact and coordination with the coastal community radio stations . The contact points for the coastal community radio stations are;

Mr. Siddiqur Hossain, Station Manager In-charge, Community Radio Naf, (Tekhnaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar) Phone: +88 01716 53 00 58, E-Mail:

Mr. Sha Sultan Shamim, Station Manager, Community Radio Sagar Giri, Sitakunda Upazila, Chittagong, Phone: +88 01712 02 10 97 E-Mail:

Mr. Faisal Uddin, Station In-charge, Community Radio Sagor Dwip, Hatia, Upazila Noakhali
Phone: +88 01700604141 E-Mail:

Ms. Ankhi Rani, Assistant Station Manager, Community Radio Meghna, Charfasion Upazila,
Bhola Island, Phone: +8801719848282 E-Mail:

Mr. Shamim Mridha, Radio Focal person, Community Rural Radio Krishi Radio, Amtali Upazila Barguna, Phone: +8801713 68 88 89 E-Mail:

Mr. Monir Hossain Kamal, Station Manager, Community Radio Lokobetar , Barguna Sadar
Phone: +88 01716 32 71 51 E-Mail:

Mr. Selim Sharier, Station Manager, Community Radio Radio Nalta, Kaliganj, Satkhira
Phone: +88 01713902783 E-Mail:

Mr. Kamaruzzaman, Disaster Control Room In-charge of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC), Dhaka Phone: +8801711131211 E-Mail:

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