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Bangla Radio Mobile Apps starts with 85 radio stations. Home or abroad, wherever you stay, always keep in touch with Bangla and Bangladesh. Whenever you wish, you can enjoy unlimited songs, chat and entertainment. You can also keep yourself updated by listening to the latest and breaking news.

No, it’s not a fun or imagination! “BANGLA RADIO”, an unique platform through mobile apps has created this rare opportunity for you. This is the first initiative of this kind in Bangladesh. BANGLA RADIO offers more than 85 FM and Online radio channels in a small app. To enjoy the update news, analysis, old and latest Bangla, Hindi, English songs, religious question-answer and contemporary issues, just download the BANGLA RADIO apps in your android Smartphone. The link to the Google Play Store is such as:

New York based apps developer company — DigBazar Limited has recently launched BANGLA RADIO app in Play Store. Daisy Hamilton, Managing Partner of this company said, “I know that Bangladesh people are fond of music. They are keen to know update information and news. Considering their interest, our company has made this app to meet the demand. She also said, ABC Radio, Radio Today and some other Bangladeshi radio stations broadcast live traffic update and live news, and audience can listen all those programs though our mobile apps”.

The list of collection of Bangladeshi Live Radio below…

ABC Radio
Asian Radio
Bangladesh Betar
Bangla Islamic Radio
Bangla Radio
BBC Bangla
BBC Pratyusha
BBC Bangla Provati
BBC Parikrama
BBC Bangla Probaho
BBC World Service
Betar Bangla
Betar Torongo
Bhoot FM
Colours FM
Dhaka FM
eDoctor Radio
FnF Bangla
Islamic Radio
Jago FM
My Bangla Gaan
Peoples Radio
Quran-er Alo
Radio 2Fun
Radio Adda
Radio Aha
Radio Allahuakbar
Radio Amar
Radio Andolon
Radio Apon
Radio Bangla
Radio Barta
Radio BD24
Radio Bhumi
Radio Bihongo
Radio Bilash
Radio Bongonet
Radio Borno
Radio Bornomala
Radio Boss
Radio Chomok
Radio Chowa
Radio Dhaka
Radio Dhoni
Radio Doorbin
Radio Durbar
Radio eTune
Radio Foorti
Radio Foorti Flash
Radio Gaan Baksho
Radio Gaanwala
Radio Goongoon
Radio High 92.7
Radio Janjot
Radio Kotha
Radio Lemon
Radio Moinamoti
Radio Munna
Radio Next
Radio Nree
Radio Oniyom
Radio Padma
Radio Punkha
Radio Rong
Radio Saradin
Radio Shadhin
Radio Songi
Radio Swadesh
Radio Tarunno
Radio Today
Radio Tolpar
Radio Ullash
Radio Uttal
Radio Uttara
Radio Voice
Radio Vubon
Taranga Radio
Voice of America
Washington Bangla Radio

Ms. Farzana Mou, Content Development Manager of DigBazar Ltd said, as a fan of cricket if you want to get the live score or live commentary, Radio Shadhin can be with you and Bangla Radio apps will give you this opportunity, wherever you stay. Thrilling Bhoot FM can be your night partner, even if you stay thousand miles away from Bangladesh. Apart from this, we are presenting so many interesting programs through our app.

Ms. Mou also said, this app size is only few Megabytes and you download it in few seconds and very user-friendly. “I think, there are so many radio apps in Google Play Store but Bangla Radio is the best, as it has added all Bangladeshi radio stations”, she added.

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