In honour of the memories of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangamata Fazilatun Nessa Mujib and Shaheed Captain Sheikh Kamal and on the twin historic occasions of the Birth Centenary of Bangabandhu and the Golden Jubilee of the Independence of Bangladesh, the Bangabandhu Centre for Bangladesh Studies in Canada (BCBS) announced Five Scholarships to be awarded to Bangladeshi students studying in Canadian universities at the graduate and post-graduate levels in any session during the scholastic year 2021-2022. The Scholarships were announced by His Excellency the High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Canada and the Chief Patron of the Bangabandhu Centre, Dr. Khalilur Rahman, on the National Mourning Day, 15th August 2021.
The Thematic Areas of the Scholarships are as follows:
o বঙ্গবন্ধুর“শান্তিদশনশ ”ওন্তবশ্বশান্তিপ্রন্তিষ্ঠায়এরইন্তিবাচকভূন্তিকাওগুরুত্ব। Bangabandhu’s “Peace Philosophy” and its Role and Significance in building World Peace
o বঙ্গবন্ধুরস্বাস্থ্যদশনশ ওবাাংলাদদদশআজদকরস্বাস্থ্যখাদিরউন্নয়দনএরভূন্তিকা। Bangladesh as a Role Model for Development: Marching forward for realizing Bangabandhu’s Unfinished Dream of Sonar Bangla (The Golden Bengal)
Bangabandhu’s “Health Philosophy” and its role in achieving today’s progress in health sector in Bangladesh
Bangamata Fazilatun Nessa Mujib’s contribution to politics and its significance in women’s increasing participation in contemporary politics in Bangladesh
o শন্তিদ কযাদেন সশখ কািাল: বাাংলাদদদশর আধুন্তনক ক্রীডা জগদির রুপকার।
Shaheed Captain Sheikh Kamal: The Architect of Modern Sports in Bangladesh
Eligibility Criteria and Conditions:
 Applicants must be a Bangladeshi citizen accepted as an international student in any University within Canada for the Winter term 2021-2022 in graduate or post-graduate studies in Canada; Post-doctoral students will not be considered.
 Applicants must submit a proof of residency in Canada during the scholarship duration.
 One applicant can apply for one chosen theme only; multiple applications will not be
accepted and may result in disqualification in the selection.
 Applicants can hold multiple scholarships in other sectors/faculty/organization during the
 Female Applicants will be given priority in the selection.
বঙ্গবন্ধুরস্বদের“স ানারবাাংলা”ন্তবন্তনিশাদনউন্নয়দনর“সরালিদেল”ন্তিদ দববাাংলাদদদশর
রাজনীন্তিদিবঙ্গিািাফজজলািুনসন ািুজজদবরঅবদানওআজদকরবাাংলাদদদশররাজনীন্তিদি
িন্তিলাদদর অাংশগ্রিদন এর িাৎপয।শ

 Applicants having some previous work/s experience in the chosen theme (volunteer works, news article published etc.) would be preferred.
 Applicants would be required to submit six-monthly progress report of the research work to the BCBS authority.
Duration: One year
 Applicants would be required to submit six-monthly progress report of the research work to the BCBS authority.
 Final research work and report must be submitted within one year. Disbursement of scholarship amount:
 75% of the scholarship will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester. Rest of the amount will be disbursed at the end of the academic year based on progress of the research work.
Deadline for Submission of Application:
 All applications must reach to BCBS by 1st November 2021
The details of the scholarships can be found at the BCBS Website:

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