What is Internet Radio?

What is Internet radio? If you are a serious listener of music or user of radio, then this is a very common question in your mind. SO let me help you to get answer of this question. One of the greatest inventions of science is Radio. If you want to know more about history of radio then please have a look here.

Again, a question may you think, Why Radio? Or why not Computer, Television, Internet etc. But Radio in the pioneer of those Invention. Our lifetime greatest invention is Internet. This two things merge idea is internet radio. Internet radio was pioneered by Carl Malamud.

Internet radio has changed the culture and way that people listen to and find music. Anyone can listen it from Computer, Smartphone or Tab, with have a connection of the Internet. It is a way to bring together millions of people from across the world to connect and share information.

Basically, radio is a medium for communication, education, government or private purposes. Nowadays, both FM Radio and Internet radio is very popular. Singer or Music Bands can gain popularity through the Internet. It is easier to be heard and get heard.

Do you know, The Rolling Stones broadcasted their concert live on the Internet. Online radio stations were first broadcasted in the early 1990’s and did not take off right away. You should also know, the first radio program to be broadcasted online was in 1993, and it was a talk-show about computers and the Internet.

Online radio can be accessed anywhere in the world anytime, doesn’t matter where you are! Anyone in the world can listen to it from anywhere, if s/he has the Internet connectivity. Until 1998, Internet Radio stations had to also pay royalties for music. But nowadays, it is free of cost. There are millions of Internet radio app in Google Play Store or iTunes. Each App has a lot of radio stations.

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